Getting Started

I Really Love the viewers and your comments.  Love crafting, creating, and all things beautiful. Never even thought that I would be blogging my love for all this. So here we go and  we will talk in this forum about catching all those beautiful dreams in my butterfly nets. To start with I will be working on building my Facebook Fan page. So 5 minutes for is starting a blog party in April 2014. So go ahead an like us: and we will like you back. Also providing other ways to follow. That’s what building blog party’s are for. Now this is a first time start WordPress site. This site was created for all those blogger’s that need following in the WordPress world. So be patient as I learn the in’s and out’s of this page format. but, for validity  sake you can verify me by going to Http:// and like us there to. We will be posting mainly on the prior mention blog until quirks are worked out. Hope to visit you soon at the Ultimate blog party in 2014.